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Anu Agency Insect Screens are offered in a wide variety of popular designer colours and styles to coordinate with the individual decor of your home. With their unique design they're there when you need them and invisible when you don't.
Insect Screens fit virtually anywhere, require minimal space, and enhance the beauty and comfort of any home. They provide all the practical conveniences of conventional screens without compromising the integrity of a home's design. Anu Agency Insect Screens are an innovative solution for discerning homeowners, designers, architects, and builders who wish to realise their best creative insights.
Insect Screens allow you to keep windows and doors open for ventilation, but prevent flies,bees,mosquitoes,and other insects from entering.This is essential precaution for businesses with kitchens and canteens, especially in the summer months.
We specialize in aluminum Insect screens to suit all types of aluminum and timber windows. Our screens are custom made to ensure the best possible fit. We have a wide range of colours available and the
following mesh options; o Fibreglass o Aluminum o Stainless Steel Mesh
Our Insect Screen provides a very effective and simple insect protection. Using our mosquito nets reduces the risk of malaria infection and other mosquito borne diseases.
Our Insect screens windows are made to measure.No matter what type of windows you have, we manufacture customizable insect screen to suit your needs.
Bring the Views & Fresh air into your home....
Keep those insects out !!!
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